. . . and an experienced team.

Combining the advantages of a central, yet low-cost European
ecoMIM is prepared for both just-in-sequence and
just-in-time production. A highly experienced staff guarantees
professional engineering support and customer service
The latest chapter in Metal Injection Molding . . .

Applying the most up-to-date research and the latest process
ecoMIM is proud to present the next chapter in
Metal Injection Molding.  Proprietary equipment and technology
ecoMIM's advantage:
the tightest tolerances
the lowest cost MIM process
the longest moulding tool (die) life
the most environment-friendly technology
 . . . a state-of-the-art facility . . .

A custom layout in a brand new facility enables lean manufacturing,
promotes Six Sigma production control, and enables a closed-loop
production cycle. The result of significant process improvements,
the new equipment's production capacity  is double that of
traditional MIM.