About ecoMIM
Innovation + Experience = Solution

Incorporating the latest improvements in technology and materials, ecoMIM offers a
better solution to customers, in terms of finished properties and total cost.  

Over the past decade Metal Injection Molding has become a viable alternative to
technologies requiring multiple secondary processing steps. Our proprietary
technology enhancements improve yields, shorten manufacturing cycles, reduce
waste, and the eliminate the use of chemicals.

Primarily involved in the production of parts for the automotive industry,
processes are governed by ISO TS 16949.  The company's proprietary production
process ideally matches ISO 14000, as there is no uncontrolled waste leaving the

Years of special competence in the fields of hard turning, CNC milling and machining,
whirl milling and grinding are available for developing projects for the most demanding
ecoMIM provides invaluable expert advise on cost saving alternatives for
existing parts and economical technical solutions for quality improvement of future part

75 million MIM parts built by the team reflects confidence for
ecoMIM's partners - our
customers, suppliers and stakeholders.  A low-cost structure and location, leveraged
by high-tech experience and precise process controls, guarantee satisfaction for all.